07/14/21 | News

The Hoosier Horn: Inflation Hits Highest Levels Since 2008 — Far Left Calls for Defunding Border Patrol

Welcome to this week’s update from Team Todd, where we run through what Todd has been up to, what’s coming soon, and a few interesting articles that highlight just how important conservative leadership is right now with Democratic control of the White House and Congress.

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Washington Times: Biden’s pipeline perfidy: The U.S. faces a Keystone XL cancellation penalty

“Independence Day holiday travelers suffered the highest gas prices in seven years. The average cost for a gallon of regular nationwide topped $3.13 — a 44 percent surge above a year ago.

Though the president promises to avoid raising taxes on the nation’s lower and middle classes, hiking their living costs results in the same sort of financial damage.”

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The Journal Gazette: Region’s reps stand firm against liberal assault

Thank you, Representative Martin Carbaugh. Todd will continue fighting the Biden Administration’s egregious government overreach.

It’s long past time for Congress to pass Todd’s REINS Act and halt burdensome, liberal executive orders coming from the White House at record pace.

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New York Post: Rashida Tlaib calls to defund immigration agencies amid border crisis

What is the hard left’s new “solution” for addressing the Biden border crisis? They want to defund border patrol.

To properly secure the border, Todd believes that we need more funding for boots on the ground and to finish the wall, not less.

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CNBC: Inflation climbs higher than expected in June as price index rises 5.4%

Fox News: Kamala Harris slammed for claiming rural Americans can’t photocopy their IDs

CNN: Cubans take to streets in rare protests over lack of freedoms and worsening economy

Fox Business: Americans’ inflation fears reach another high as consumer prices surge

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