Securing the Border

A Proven Record of Securing Our Border.

While in the Marines, Todd served on the Arizona-Mexico border to keep drugs from illegally entering our country, so he knows firsthand how important it is to secure our southern border. Todd has also voted for funding to secure our border through technology, drones, and a physical barrier to keep drugs, human trafficking and criminals out of our country.

Todd has made it clear to President Joe Biden that he is unhappy with his unlawful decision to suspend border wall construction and order to freeze funds provided by Congress to secure our border. He is also frustrated that Vice President Kamala Harris has not taken the crisis seriously, as she has yet to visit our southern border to properly assess the problem.   

In 2021, Todd visited the southern border to witness the historic crisis under President Biden.

Through his service in the Marines and his voting record, Todd has a proven record of securing our southern border. 

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