The Hoosier Bolt

Inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty is the Emma Lazarus poem “The New Colossus,” which describes “a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning.”

The lightning in Lady Liberty’s torch is the reason those seeking a better, freer life have sailed towards her. Her lightning represents America’s fundamental promise: that truly free people hold an electric spark of potential unseen in human history – a spark which is within all of us.

Though often unfulfilled, this American promise has survived war from within and without, economic collapse, and cultural strife. Despite and because of our unique history; we are blessed to inherit a nation still made by and for free people. The opportunity to maximize the human potential in each of us is still what makes America unique in the world.

The Hoosier Bolt is a reminder to do what we can, right here and now in Indiana, to keep freedom’s promise alive so all Americans can have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  It is up to us, here and now, and no one else.

That work is why Todd is running for re-election to the US Senate – and why he hopes you’ll see fit to join this campaign.

Todd is Fighting for Hoosier Families. Join the Team: