05/30/22 | News

WIBC: Young: The Country’s Future is Worth the Sacrifice

WIBC covered Todd’s remarks on Memorial Day:

Every headstone has a story behind it. Sen. Todd Young told the U.S. Senate that no one who makes the ultimate sacrifice should be forgotten, and that is why we decorate their graves with flowers and flags each spring on Memorial Day.

But, Young also pointed out that what defines an American soldier, Marine, sailor, or airman is the sacrifice , or the ability top give their lives, because no one life is greater than the future of the United States.

“It’s the selflessness to surrender one’s life so that a set of values will endure,” he said, “not only for the living, but for generations to come.”

Young said he believes the cause of liberty is greater than any one individual. But, he also said that anyone who gives their life for the cause should be remembered and have their story told.

“Those headstones made of marble or granite are often indistinguishable at a distance,” he said. “Fittingly, their sacrifice was the same, no matter how fabled or forgotten the battle, no matter in victory or defeat.”

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