05/11/22 | News

WIBC: Young Likens Current U.S. Abortion Policy to that of Communist China, North Korea

Today the Senate will vote on a bill to codify the Supreme Court decision making abortion the law of the land.

Ahead of today’s vote, Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) spoke on behalf of Republicans who plan to vote no on the measure.

“As Americans, we believe in the dignity and value of every human person,” Young said. “I believe that our nation has a moral responsibility to protect unborn children, to protect life.”

Young likened abortion policy in the United States to that of China and North Korea, saying that the US is one of only seven countries in the whole world that allows abortion beyond 15 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold he says many studies show is when an unborn baby can feel pain.

“This bill does nothing to protect the health and safety of women and it would certainly not protect the unborn,” Young added. “Recent polling found that 61-percent of Americans say abortion should either be illegal or the policy decisions surrounding abortion should be left up to the states.”

Young is urging Congress to bolster support for over 2,700 pregnancy centers around the U.S. that provide care “at virtually no cost”, and that we invest in and support adoptive services.”

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