02/04/21 | News

Unelected Federal Bureaucrats Must Be Reined In. Todd Young’s Bill Does Just That.

Eight years ago, Todd Young introduced the REINS Act in the House of Representatives to ensure that federal rules and regulations have the input of elected officials, not just federal bureaucrats. Todd has continued to fight for the adoption of his bill, including re-introducing it this year along with 23 of his Republican colleagues. 

“We have made significant progress reining in costly, job-killing regulations since I first introduced the REINS Act in the House eight years ago, but as we enter a new administration, it is more important than ever that we pass this legislation.

Congress must play a role in approving major federal rules and regulations to ensure Americans’ best interests are being considered by elected officials who can be held accountable, not just unelected bureaucrats in Washington.” – Todd Young

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