03/02/21 | Press Release

Todd Young Launches Re-Election Campaign

Today, Todd Young announced his 2022 re-election campaign to the U.S. Senate.

Watch Todd’s full announcement:

Read Todd’s note to supporters: 

  • I’m writing to announce my campaign for re-election to the US Senate in 2022.
    When you entrusted me with the honor of serving you five years ago, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution.
    I also pledged to you that I would work on behalf of all Hoosiers to deliver conservative results.
    I believe I have done so.
    We reformed the tax code to let ALL Hoosiers keep more of their own money.
    We made border security a priority, not just a talking point. I voted to fund the border wall and to defund sanctuary cities.
    And we confirmed dozens of judges – including fellow Hoosier, Amy Coney Barrett, to the highest court in the land.

    I believe I’ve lived up to my oath and kept my word, but I’m running because even after four years of conservative victories, the work is simply not complete and the tasks before us are immense.
    Yes, we just put one election behind us. But the outcome of 2020 means we as conservatives must rethink the way forward for our country.
    I hope to win votes in our state on behalf of a vision for conservative renewal. But ideas alone are not enough. I’ll need the continued support of our team – you – to make that happen.
    Our list of over 300 endorsements among those who lead our party is, I believe, the strongest in Hoosier history. But this campaign will take nothing for granted.
    Progressives are ready to remake America as we’ve known it. Unfortunately, Democrat control in Washington means their vision of top-down control will move closer to reality.
    There’s no time to waste. As we launch our re-election campaign to re-secure a GOP majority in the US Senate, now is the time to put Indiana’s seat beyond all doubt.
    I will do everything I can to see America and Indiana are rebuilt, not remade, to suit a bottom up vision for our society, not top down. This requires a strong foundation. 

    But above all in this campaign, we must be hard on bad ideas but easy on good people. Those on the left may have a bad vision for this country, but they are our neighbors, co-workers, fellow parishioners, often our own family members.

    We’re all Hoosiers and Americans who need one another. I’m a committed conservative. But Our Constitution will be meaningless without a spirit of shared decency and mutual respect, especially when we disagree.
    I hope to make this campaign one in which we can bring Hoosiers closer together, and unite for a shared vision. Sometimes politics is tough, but I’m proud to have your support because I know you’ll hold me to a standard at least that high. It’s why I’m so proud to be your Senator, and humbly ask you for a chance to finish the work.
    Thank you for standing with me and being part of the team to get this done.
    Todd Young

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