12/15/21 | News

The Hoosier Horn: “You Know You’re Over Target if You’re Taking Flak” — Todd Exposes Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

Welcome to this week’s update from Team Todd, where we run through what Todd is up to, what’s coming soon, and a few interesting articles that highlight just how important conservative leadership is right now with Democratic control of the White House and Congress.

“You Know You’re Over Target if You’re Taking Flak”

As said in the Marine Corps, “you know you’re over target if you’re taking flak.” – Senator Todd Young

Xi Jinping is working to defeat Todd’s Endless Frontier Act because it would deter China by making critical investments to our national security and economic independence, unleashing the next generation of American innovation and job creation that will help us stay ahead of China and win the 21st century.

Watch the full video here.

Todd Exposed the Wasteful Socialist Spending in Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ plan adds trillions to the debt in wasteful socialist spending, hundreds of billions in liberal special interest handouts, and tax breaks for coastal elites.

Read the full article here.

Todd Commemorated the Brave Heroes of Pearl Harbor

Last week was the 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. We will never forget those brave heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom at Pearl Harbor.

Todd Celebrated Navy’s Victory Over Army

As a graduate of the US Naval Academy, Todd is proud of the Midshipmen for their win against Army. Go Navy!

Where Are Todd’s Troops?

This week Todd’s Troops attended the Jefferson County Christmas Dinner, Miami County Christmas Breakfast, and the Howard County GOP Christmas Open House.

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly: Indiana Sen. Todd Young addresses supply chain crisis

Yahoo News: Newest baby box ready in Paoli

The Hill: Economist Larry Summers says White House misread inflation

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