07/20/21 | News

The Hoosier Horn: Our Record-Shattering Fundraising — Watch Todd Call Out Biden’s Failed Border Agenda

Welcome to this week’s update from Team Todd, where we run through what Todd has been up to, what’s coming soon, and a few interesting articles that highlight just how important conservative leadership is right now with Democratic control of the White House and Congress.

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Todd Young Announces Record Shattering $2M Fundraising Haul; $4.5M Cash On Hand

Todd is incredibly proud to share that we raised a record-setting $2 million in Q2 and have over $4.5 million cash on hand.

  • Largest off-year fundraising quarter in IN history
  • 93% of donations under $100
  • Over 10,000 contributions

A huge thank you to our generous supporters!

Learn more about our record-setting fundraising quarter that was powered by grassroots conservatives.

CNBC: Inflation climbs higher than expected in June as price index rises 5.4%

This month, costs for household essentials for Hoosier families jumped to the highest levels since 2008. Record inflation is yet another tax coming from the Biden-Harris White House.

Read the full article.

WIBC: Young to Biden on Border Crisis: “Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way.”

  • “The situation is obviously growing worse and worse. It’s time that either President Biden or our southern border Czar, Vice-President Harris, shows up as it relates to this issue. Lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way.” – Todd Young

Watch the full video.

Todd Was Honored to Kick Off the Re-Election Campaign of His Friend and Fellow Marine, State Senator Chris Garten

Southern Indiana has benefited greatly from strong conservative leadership. Todd believes that it’s important we continue sending leaders back to the state house who advance our shared Hoosier conservative values and keep Indiana moving in the right direction.

Wall Street Journal: OPEC, Biden and Gas Prices

Washington Examiner: Chinese money launderers team up with Mexican cartels to profit billions from US fentanyl crisis

Fox News: Jayapal says Democratic budget package includes amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants

Washington Examiner: Nearly 190,000 border crossings seen in June, busts Biden’s claim it’s seasonal

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