Meeting the Threat

As a Marine, Todd Young knows China is a threat to our economy and national security. So, he wrote the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, signed into law this August.

The law puts America on offense against the Chinese Communist Party and ensures we don’t fall behind China in technological innovation. The Chinese Communist Party lobbied against this legislation because they knew this bill is bad for China and good for the United States

Todd’s plan? Make the microchips our armed forces need here at home, not in China. Strengthen our military’s edge, and create thousands of American jobs.

By passing Todd’s legislation, America is choosing to take the fight to China – confronting the challenges of today and building a more prosperous and secure tomorrow for Hoosiers. That’s called meeting the threat head-on.

  • $1.8 billion semiconductor manufacturing facility in West Lafayette creating 750 Hoosier jobs.
  • Investing in American innovation to make sure our technology stays ahead of the CCP’s.
  • Securing the domestic chip supply chain to protect us from foreign semiconductor shortages.
  • Creating Regional Tech Hubs and allowing Indiana to compete for advanced research and national security projects.

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