Holding the Chinese Communist Party Accountable

Todd is Leading the Fight Against the CCP.

For over 70 years, the United States has been the unequivocal global leader in scientific and technological innovation, and as a result the people of the United States have benefitted through good-paying jobs, economic prosperity, and a higher quality of life.  However, China has challenged our position by stealing our American intellectual property and trade secrets. 

So, he wrote the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, signed into law this August. Todd’s plan? Make the microchips our armed forces need here at home, not in China. Strengthen our military’s edge, and create thousands of American jobs.

The law puts America on offense against the Chinese Communist Party and ensures we don’t fall behind China in technological innovation. The Chinese Communist Party lobbied against this legislation because they knew this bill is bad for China and good for the United States.

Todd has also been a lead voice pushing China to be more transparent about their role in the coronavirus. He has pressed the World Health Organization about their role in helping China coverup the coronavirus. Additionally, he has been critical of various human rights violations from China.      

Todd knows the threat China poses to our country and it’s why he has consistently used his assignment on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee to hold China’s President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party accountable.

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