03/31/22 | News

WIBC: Todd Young Raises Illegal Immigration Concerns

Senator Todd Young voiced his concern Wednesday after the U.S. Border Patrol said they’re nearing one million encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border within the last six months.

“This week, we learned that within the next few days the U.S. border patrol will have had over 1 million encounters with illegal immigrants. Just over the last six months,” said Young. “This is indeed a crisis.”

Young noted that number is larger than the population of Marion County, which is slightly below one million, according to the 2020 census.

He claims that democrats aren’t doing enough to combat the crisis saying they’re making it easier for immigrants to cross the boarder illegally.

“Notably, the Biden administration has presented a budget. It shifts money away from border protection. It increases money to help move people through the system. Not so that we can stop illegal entries, but so that immigration officials can more quickly stamp the hands of those who can ultimately get through.”

Young also added that Biden is planning to cut the amount of beds at ICE detention centers.

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