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WIBC: Todd Young, GOP Senators Release Study They Say Shows Biden Is At Fault For Border Crisis

Republicans in Washington are deep diving into what is causing the crisis at the southern border.

They are once again blaming actions taken by the Biden Administration for the rise in illegal migration from Mexico into the United States. Sen. Todd Young is one of eight GOP senators who have signed on to a study laying out what they feel is causing the issue.

“We are not here empty-handed. We are not here devoid of answers to how we can improve this situation,” Young said over the weekend. “We come armed with a study which lays out recommendations on how to establish effective immigration controls in the United States.”

The study Young speaks of compares immigration policy between President Obama, President Trump, and President Biden. It accuses Biden of reverting back to policies similar to that of President Obama, which they say is enabling illegal immigration.

“These disastrous policies include, but are not limited to, the termination of the MPP with Mexico; the termination of the ACAs with the countries of northern Central America; the announced revocation of Title 42 authorities; and changes to prosecutorial discretion in the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws,” the study says.

In particular, Title 42 was a Trump-era policy enacted during the pandemic allowing the US to deport any non-citizen in the country or keep people from entering the country if they pose a public health threat, such as testing positive for COVID.

Young said drug and human trafficking cartels are “flourishing” along the southern border as well.

The White House has said in recent weeks that “the administration is focused on efforts to hold these smugglers accountable.”

The study cited U.S. Customs statistics that show throughout all of 2021 Customs and Border Patrol agents encountered over 1.7 million illegal immigrants. Through April of this year, the same stats show agents have encountered over 1.2 million.

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