03/16/21 | News

What They Are Saying About Todd Young’s Re-Election Campaign

“Sen. Todd Young is a political death star…”

“Came out swinging” with historic Hoosier GOP support

“Young is able to run on his record” of conservative accomplishment

“The Republican from Bloomington defeated Democrat Evan Bayh in 2016 and is likely to be the heavy favorite in both the primary and general election. In his announcement, Young positioned himself as a check on President Joe Biden and the Democratic agenda…” (Fort Wayne’s NBC, 3/2/21)

Sen. Young piled up an impressive list of conservative wins in his first term..Young is able to run on his record”. (Craig Dunn, Howey Politics Indiana, 3/9/21)

“Republican U.S. Sen. Todd Young made his 2022 re-election campaign official this week and came out swinging with a long list of Indiana Republicans who have already endorsed him… No other Republican candidate has publicly announced a campaign, and they’d struggle to find establishment support at this point”.  (IBJ, 3/5/21)

“The list of officials who have endorsed Young include all of Indiana’s GOP congressional delegation, all statewide elected officials, 96% of the Republican members of the Indiana General Assembly and 92% of Republican county chairs…Only four out of 110 Republican members of the Legislature are missing from the list…Out of 92 GOP county chairs, only seven are missing”. (IBJ, 3/5/21)

“… the list is impressive. As of this date, Sen. Young has locked up endorsements from over 310 Hoosier conservative leaders. The list includes two Hoosier vice presidents, nine former Trump Administration officials, all Indiana GOP statewide officials, all Indiana GOP members of Congress, nine Indiana Republican Party chairs, the entire GOP State Committee, 96% of the Indiana General Assembly, 92% of Indiana Republican County chairmen and 50 Indiana Republican mayors. Now that’s what we call running the table!” (Craig Dunn, Howey Politics Indiana, 3/9/21)

“He’s consolidated party support …he’s about in a good as a spot as anyone could be to win re-election.” (Mike O’Brien, Indiana Week in Review, 3/6/21)

Sen. Todd Young launched his 2022 re-election bid this morning, a campaign that is unlikely to solicit any serious challengers on his right flank. Young—a conservative Republican able to strike a more moderate tone on issues who has excelled at getting judicial picks, such as Justice Amy Coney Barrett confirmed—is sitting on a $2.6 million war chest in deep-red Indiana”. (Importantville, 3/2/21)

“Senator Young comes into this race with a number of built in advantages, doesn’t he? ‘Yes he does. He’s got a ton of money he’s got an organization, and for the most part he’s pretty much well liked in most Indiana circles”. (Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, Fox59 IN Focus, 3/7/21)

“...it’s going to be quite hard (to beat Young)…Todd Young has a reputation and has been fairly consistent in that and is generally well liked and I do think competing against him will be very difficult in the upcoming election”(Dr. Laura Wilson, Fox59 IN Focus, 3/7/21)

U.S. Sen. Todd Young is a political death star when he’s matched up against an opponent of congressional pedigree”. (Brian Howey, Howey Politics Indiana, 3/11/21)

“For Hoosier Democrats, the bench is wafer thin. U.S. Reps. Andre Carson and Frank Mrvan have not expressed any interest in running statewide. Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett hasn’t won any of the statewide races he’s run for the U.S. Senate and attorney general. The party’s mayoral and General Assembly benches yield no obvious challengers, and the state’s most conspicuous Democratic rising star, U.S. Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg, is more likely to seek the presidency than to come back and challenge Young. Young may be facing what Sen. Lugar did in his 2006 reelection, which is a Libertarian opponent”. (Brian Howey, Howey Politics Indiana, 3/9/21)

“We need a candidate and we need to fund that candidate...both of those are always issues…” (Former Indiana Democratic Party Chair Anne Delaney, Indiana Week in Review, 3/6/21)

“Short of Mike Pence, I don’t know who could run against him and have the organization, funding, name ID and make the argument that they could do a better job than him”. (Mike O’Brien, Indiana Week in Review, 3/6/21)

“Senator Young sits right at the apex…more importantly than his money and his organization is his integrityHe has become a statesman in his first term which is very difficult…he’s a legend in the making…He will help guide the party, not just in Indiana, but nationwide.” (Mike Murphy, Fox59 IN Focus, 3/7/21)

“…He’s certainly put together an organization here that looks headed to victory” (Brandon Smith, Indiana Week in Review, 3/6/21)

“…He has no scandals, no gaffes, …he’s definitely voted conservatively, and, so, I don’t anticipate him having any real problems in a re-elect.”(Nikki Kelly, Indiana Week in Review, 3/6/21)

“…If I were betting on this race, I would definitely say he will be re-elected…” (John Schwantes, Indiana Week in Review, 3/6/21)

“…His career has become the intersection of preparation and the call to service. Hoosiers can feel confident that when the battles begin on any battlefield, Sen. Todd Young has their six!” (Craig Dunn, Howey Politics Indiana, 3/9/21)

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