07/15/22 | News

Todd Young on Inflation: “We Can Do Better Than This”

INDIANAPOLIS – Inflation reached a forty-year high this week, and Indiana Senator Todd Young wants to find solutions to the problem. He claims Democrats aren’t helping the issue, saying they want to increase what you pay in taxes.

“Tax increases aren’t going to provide relief to our businesses, they’re not going to provide relief to rank and file Hoosier families,” said Young. “We certainly can do better than this.”

He says inflation is forcing the average U.S. household to spend an extra $5,200 this year. The republican wants to work on bipartisan solutions, while pointing out boarder security challenges.

“We have national security challenges. We have a problem at our southern border. There is some common ground to be found with respect to certain issues related to our economy, [which] the need to reskill our workforce. Let’s work on all of those things.”

Young says proposed tax increases by Democrats who move the country in the wrong direction.

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