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Todd Young: Ending Title 42 Would Be Hypocritical

WIBC covered Todd’s remarks on the hypocrisy of ending Title 42:

In less than a month the Biden administration plans to end Title 42, a public health order that allows the federal government to deport many people who cross the southern border illegally. Mony Republicans, including Indiana’s Sen. Todd Young, are pushing for the administration to keep the Trump-era order in place.

“I think one of my Democratic colleagues had it right. The other day they said the administration’s efforts to roll back Title 42 shows a lack of understanding about the crisis at our border,” said Young at a press conference this weekend.

Some Democrats, especially in border state like Arizona, also support keeping the order in place.

“The White House says this issue is about public health concerns, about the pandemic. But, the Biden administration only seems to be concerned about the pandemic when it supports their liberal agenda,” said the senator.

Young said he believes the administration is being hypocritical.

“Now according to the administration the pandemic continues on airplanes where they continue to fight for a mask mandate. The pandemic continues in the halls of Congress, where the administration continues to lobby for billions of dollars in emergency relief funds. But, on the border, they say the pandemic’s over.”

Since Title 42 went into effect nearly two million people have been deported. The order states that people without the proper documentation who cross illegally must be returned immediately.

Young said he believes America will face the burden of taking care of millions of people who will no longer be immediately deported.

“Immigration officials warn that letting Title 42 expire will make our border crisis three times worse,” he said. “We know what needs to be done. The administration needs to stop playing games. They need to do what’s right for the country. They need to enforce the law. They need to do what a bipartisan majority of United States senators is now calling for. Keep Title 42 in place and secure the border.”

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