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The Hoosier Horn: Todd to Vote No on Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson — Biden Makes Border Crisis Even Worse

Welcome to this week’s update from Team Todd, where we run through what Todd is up to, what’s coming soon, and a few interesting articles that highlight just how important conservative leadership is right now with Democratic control of the White House and Congress.

Todd to Vote No on Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson

“After carefully reviewing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s judicial record and statements, I will not be supporting her nomination. The role of a Supreme Court justice is to apply the law as written and uphold the Constitution, not legislate from the bench. Both Judge Jackson’s record and testimony during her confirmation hearings indicate that she does not adhere to originalism as her guiding judicial philosophy.

Every nominee to our nation’s highest court deserves a thorough but fair vetting, which was not afforded to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. Restoring civility to the Supreme Court confirmation process is in our national interest. It can help rebuild trust in both the Court and the Senate itself.”

– Senator Todd Young

Read the full article here.

Biden Makes Border Crisis Even Worse

There is a crisis at our southern border and President Biden is making it worse. Just over the last six months, U.S. Border Patrol will have over 1 million encounters with illegal immigrants.

Despite this, President Biden’s budget takes money away from border security, increasing money to more quickly move illegal immigrants through the system allowing them to enter our country.

Todd Honored Vietnam War Veteran David L. Deckard

Fellow Hoosier, Army Specialist David L. Deckard served our country, fighting for our freedom during the Vietnam War. On March 24, 1969, Deckard was struck by an enemy rocket while in an armored personnel carrier. This attack killed all troops in the vehicle except for him. He survived the attack with life-altering injuries that left him paralyzed and unable to walk for the rest of his life.

On this week, 49 years ago, the last U.S. troops departed from Vietnam. We respect and remember those brave veterans, including David L. Deckard, who fearlessly served our nation in Vietnam. 

Watch the full video here.

Todd Recognized National Mom and Pop Business Day

Last week was National Mom and Pop Business Day — a day to honor the small businesses that serve as the backbone of so many of our Hoosier communities.

Todd grew up in a small business family, where mopping floors was his contribution to our family’s success. Watching his father lead his family business showed Todd the value of hard work. This experience instilled in Todd the value of hard work and discipline, which later led him to the US Naval Academy and Marine Corps.

Countless Hoosier-owned small businesses have similar stories that are an inspiration to us all.

Go and find a small business in your community to support. And, if you live in Franklin, Indiana, Todd hopes you’ll grab a meal at Ann’s Restaurant!

Todd Thanked Our Doctors

Over the last two years, our doctors have courageously faced new medical frontiers while balancing their already established practices. We honor these professionals for their unswerving commitment to their patients and for leading our communities on the front lines.

Where Are Todd’s Troops?

This week, Todd’s Troops attended the Allen County Downtown Republican Club Lunch and Kosciusko County GOP Bingo for Guns Night.

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