11/04/21 | News

The Hoosier Horn: Senator Tim Scott Endorses Todd — Biden Oversaw the Worst Year for Illegal Border Crossings in American History

Welcome to this week’s update from Team Todd, where we run through what Todd is up to, what’s coming soon, and a few interesting articles that highlight just how important conservative leadership is right now with Democratic control of the White House and Congress.

Senator Tim Scott Endorses Todd’s Re-Election Campaign

Todd is honored to have the support of Senator Tim Scott as they work together to fight the radical socialist agenda coming from the Biden-Harris Administration. 

Watch the full video here.

Joe Biden Oversaw the Worst Year for Illegal Border Crossings in American History

Joe Biden oversaw the single worst year for illegal border crossings in American history. Border Patrol encountered 1.7 MILLION illegal immigrants in just 12 months. That’s more people than the combined population of 64 Indiana counties!

Todd Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation

Last week, we celebrated the one year anniversary of Hoosier Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation. Todd was honored to help identify and recommend Justice Barrett to President Trump in 2017 to fill the 7th Circuit Court seat and pushed to see her nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Todd Continues to Lead the Fight Against Democrats’ Attack on Life

For more than 40 years, the Hyde Amendment has prevented taxpayer dollars from funding abortion. Democrats want to overturn this and fund Planned Parenthood to new levels. Todd will continue leading the fight against the Biden Administration’s egregious attacks on life.

Todd’s Troops Made 60,000 Phone Calls for Glenn Youngkin

In partnership with the Indiana Republican Party, Todd’s Troops made over 60,000 phone calls into Virginia supporting Glenn Youngkin for Governor and urging voters to get out and vote for a brighter future, better schools, and more prosperous economy.

Where are Todd’s Troops?

This week, Todd’s Troops attended the Crawford County Lincoln Day Dinner and Halloween Parade at Harrison County.

Fox News: Ilhan Omar blames ‘dysfunctional’ police for Minneapolis violent crime spike

WIBC: Young continues to lament increased government spending

Wane 15: Biden Administration considering giving $450,000 per person to immigrants separated at the border

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