10/13/21 | News

The Hoosier Horn: Senator Rick Scott Joins Todd in Indiana — The Border Crisis Rages — Gas Prices Hit 7 Year High

Welcome to this week’s update from Team Todd, where we run through what Todd is up to, what’s coming soon, and a few interesting articles that highlight just how important conservative leadership is right now with Democratic control of the White House and Congress.

Senator Rick Scott Joins Todd in Indiana

NRSC Chairman Rick Scott visited Fort Wayne to keynote the Allen County Bean Dinner and said his top priority was to support U.S. Sen. Todd Young of Indiana as he seeks reelection. Scott said Young, “a fiscal conservative who cares about families in Indiana,” needs to come back to Washington D.C.

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Todd Witnesses Worst Immigration Crisis Since Serving on the Border as a Marine

“This immigration crisis is the worst I’ve seen since I served as a Marine on the border in Arizona. It’s time for President Biden to show some leadership on our southern border.” – U.S. Senator Todd Young

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Americans Experiencing Highest Gas Prices in 7 Years Under Biden-Harris Administration

Americans are experiencing the highest gas prices in 7 years thanks to Biden-Harris’ war on affordable energy and Green New Deal socialist agenda. Imagine how high gas prices will go if President Biden’s $3.5 trillion bill with Green New Deal provisions is enacted.

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Middle-Class Families Spending Thousands More Due to Biden Budget

Wasteful spending by the Biden-Harris Administration has created 13 year high inflation and added over $2,000 a year in additional expenses for middle-class families.

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Where are Todd’s Troops?

This week, Todd’s Troops attended the Kosciusko County GOP Fish Fry, Carmel-Clay Pork Roast and the Harrison County Lincoln Day Dinner.

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