Combatting Inflation and Record High Gas Prices

During President Joe Biden’s first summer in office, Todd Young penned an op-ed in The Northwest Indiana Times where he warned that the policies advocated by Biden and the Democrat Party would make inflation worse.

While Biden brushed aside the criticism as temporary, the following summer the Biden Administration admitted that they misjudged inflation, and today the pace of inflation is increasing at levels that we haven’t seen since the early 80s.

In the Senate, Todd knows that sounding the alarm on inflation is not enough. That’s why Todd supports measures to reduce federal spending and oppose taxpayer-funded boondoggles like Build Back Better so that we can lower inflation, which will let Hoosiers keep more of their hard-earned money.

Additionally, when Joe Biden took office, the price of gas was $2.39, and due to his energy policies that price has steadily gone up. Todd has made clear that we need to expand our domestic energy supply and that includes utilizing the Keystone XL pipeline, that Joe Biden shutdown.

Nobody is fighting harder on inflation than Todd Young. It’s no surprise that the Indianapolis Star has recently recognized him for his hard work on this.

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