11/17/21 | News

The Chinese Communist Party is Scared of Todd Young’s Bill

In June, the U.S. Senate passed Todd’s bill to confront the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by creating high-paying American jobs, supercharging our military, and ensuring that America outcompetes the CCP for generations to come. 

Now, the CCP is actively lobbying American companies against Todd’s bill because they know if America stands up to them, we’ll win. Todd couldn’t have asked for a better endorsement of his bill than the CCP taking aim at it. 

Simply put, Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping does not want this bill to become law. He is scared – rightfully so – that the U.S. will once again surge ahead when this bill becomes law. 

The CCP knows that when we invest in American ingenuity, there is no nation in the world that can out-compete the United States.

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