Carver McGriff

Hoosier Hero

Senator Todd Young helped D-Day hero Carver McGriff cut through pandemic red tape and fulfill his wish to visit Normandy after a cancer diagnosis.

At 19 years old, Carver McGriff stormed Utah Beach on D-Day during World War II, where he was wounded and taken prisoner. At 97 years old, Carver McGriff was diagnosed with cancer.

He had one wish – to visit Normandy, but pandemic regulations made it almost impossible.

Senator Todd Young helped Carver cut through red tape to visit Normandy again, ensuring this Hoosier hero knows that a grateful nation will never forget his sacrifice.

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INDIANAPOLIS (10/13/21) — Carver McGriff is part of The Greatest Generation.  He was one of the D-Day heroes in the Normandy landings during World War II. . .

When he learned he had terminal cancer, he put together a bucket list of places and people he wanted to see. One of the first places on his list was a return to Utah Beach.

Carver returned to France in June for several D-Day ceremonies in a trip Senator Todd Young (R-Indiana) helped facilitate.

“Senator Todd Young and his outstanding staff were responsible for obtaining French visas for us that arrived in less than 24 hours before we were scheduled to leave for France. God and Senator Young get all the credit,” said Marianne McGriff, Carver’s wife.

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