Todd On The Issues


Agriculture is the lifeblood of the Hoosier economy. Products grown in Indiana feed not only the rest of the country, but also the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, it has been a trying time to be a Hoosier farmer. The EPA’s WOTUS rule is the biggest unilateral regulatory overreach in recent memory.

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An education is one of the most fundamental aspects of a young person’s life. It is absolutely crucial that we are able to make decisions to put our children in the best position to succeed.

Unfortunately, Washington is dead set on controlling education decisions and budgets.

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Make no mistake: Obamacare is nothing short of a government takeover of your healthcare.

Todd supports a repeal of Obamacare and wants to replace it with common-sense health care reform that keeps your health care decisions between you and your doctor – not between you and the government.

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Jobs & Economy

Jobs. Too many Americans don't have them, and folks in Washington spend too little time worrying about them.

Hoosiers elected Todd to Congress because they wanted a new, conservative approach to economic policies. Government doesn't create jobs, it just tends to get in the way of how small businesses operate. Todd listens to small business owners to learn what obstacles he can remove so they can create more jobs.

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Tax Reform

Taxes are complicated. Everybody knows that – Todd Young included. That's why he is fighting to have the current tax system simplified in order to reward Americans for working hard, investing and saving the money they've earned. Most importantly, it allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket. We can accomplish this by reforming the current tax code with a simpler system.

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Spending & Balanced Budget

The single greatest threat to our nation's future – to the future we owe to our children – is the rapidly growing national debt. The plain truth is that that we spend more than we take in and borrow more than 40 cents for every dollar spent.

The U.S. is mired in over $16 trillion of debt—roughly the same size as our annual national economy. Five trillion dollars of that has been added since 2008 under the Obama administration.

There is no way to spin it, no matter how hard Democrats try: our current path is unsustainable.

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Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security

Mandatory spending programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are vital programs to protect the elderly, the sick and the poor. Unfortunately, they are heading for bankruptcy.

If we don't act soon, those of us who rely on them most could very well be left without the assistance we've paid into and need. There will be nothing left for future generations.

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National Defense

One of the most important duties of the government is providing for the public safety and national defense. As a former Marine Corps intelligence officer and a previous member of the House Armed Services Committee, Todd takes this duty very seriously.

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Todd knows that life begins at conception, and that the right to life – just like the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness – is of utmost importance.

He also knows not every woman is prepared to raise a child. That's why Todd is also a strong advocate of adoption – support which stretches back to Todd's time in the private sector.

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2nd Amendment

As a member of the National Rifle Association and a U.S. Marine, Todd is a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Last Congress Todd was a co-sponsor of a measure that would give national reciprocity to the conceal-carry permits of individual states. When properly licensed gun owners travel with their firearms, they shouldn't have to worry about whether or not they are breaking the law.

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